WebZenitude’s vocation is to offer business managers, association managers or sales and marketing managers an appropriate selection of open source, hosted, secure and professionally managed sales and marketing solutions.


WebZenitude’s first offer is called WinTheDeals. It is a high quality EspoCRM hosting with dedicated services. Its quality/price ratio is amazing. The solution is complete and extensible (Workflows, BPM).

The combination of Quality hosting, EspoCRM Open Source solution and WebZenitude’s dedicated services make WinTheDeals a solution that can compete with the biggest names in the CRM industry.

This favourable competitive positioning allows you to install and develop your CRM very quickly at an overall cost 10 to 20 times lower than those of market leaders.

WinTheDeals is therefore a very efficient alternative to proprietary solutions such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics or HubSpot CRM, for overall cost, data ownership, data confidentiality and freedom reasons thanks to its Open Source foundation.


WebZenitude’s second offer is called BeeZenitude. It is a high quality Thirty Bees hosting. It better automates the sales processes by offering an online shop. E-commerce allows customers to place orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world.

It is a perfectly complementary solution to WinTheDeals. It allows sales representatives to free themselves from the tedious task of simply taking orders and concentrate on high value-added sales activities.

BeeZenitude‘s offer is a Thirty Bees server hosting offer. This makes it very competitive in price, very scalable and very secure.

Our financial structure and growth mode, described at the end of our Security of our Information Systems page, give more guarantees to your E-commerce to stay online and continue to fuel your sales. Keep control of your E-commerce!


WebZenitude’s third offer is called Zolandia. It is a high quality Zulip hosting. In many use cases, it is also an ideal complementary solution to WinTheDeals.

For example, Zolandia can provide you with a turnkey, secure and managed solution for your internal company chat, customer support chat, partner community or cross-functional work groups.

Zulip has specific advantages over market leaders: real-time, ubiquity (Windows, Linux, macOS, android, iOS, web browsers…), channels with topics and, above all, an Open Source solution.

The combination of quality hosting and Zulip’s specific strengths makes Zolandia a non-proprietary solution at an overall cost that is up to 20 times lower than those of market leaders.

Zolandia is therefore a very efficient alternative to proprietary solutions such as Slack or Discord, or to a half-owner, half-open-source solution such as Mattermost, for overall cost, data ownership, data confidentiality and freedom reasons thanks to its Open Source foundation.


The fourth WebZenitude offer is called WPZenitude. It is a high quality WordPress hosting completed by a personalized support of your website projects.

WPZenitude provides you with a starting WordPress site whose administration has been simplified and optimized so that you can spend your time only on integrating and updating your content.

Updates of WordPress, your theme and extensions, backups, security, administration and support are handled by our team.

We train your content creators to familiarize themselves with the solution and when necessary for a time-efficient and SEO-optimized content integration.

The evolutions of the site are easily managed and the durability of your site is ensured.

On a daily basis, we provide you with competent and attentive contacts. These contacts follow you over time and ensure your satisfaction. They do not change with each support ticket.

Our employees are familiar with WordPress, but also with sales and marketing. They are therefore in a position to help a company manager, a sales manager or a marketing manager in a concrete way.


WebZenitude focuses on its IT infrastructure, its in-depth knowledge of EspoCRM, Thirty Bees, Zulip and WordPress open source solutions and the associated services offered.

The company is developing through local business partnerships around the world.


WebZenitude guarantees its customers hosted CRM , E-commerce, Chat and website solutions at the best price/quality ratio, dedicated services, local support anywhere in the world and, thanks to its Open Source solutions, security , confidentiality and freedom that are impossible for proprietary solution providers to achieve.

WebZenitude offers, for example, dedicated servers whose customers can choose the location, regular updates and backups and the freedom to retrieve all of its data at any time and migrate it to an internal server or another hosting provider.


WebZenitude’s philosophy is to build customer and partner loyalty by letting them be free.

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